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Reflectance Transformation

has never been easier

RTI is a wonderful imaging technique which used to be ... tedious!


Manually photographing objects for RTI takes hours and provides unreliable results.


RTI Light Domes are the answer.

- Simple setup -

- Autonomous acquisition, driving both lights and camera -

- Strong and portable -

Built in close collaboration with researchers, we provide the best-in-class solution for archeologists, palaeontologists, collection manager, art restorators, forensic analysts... and many more users.

We propose custom-made Domes adapted for your need.

Want to know more about RTI (a.k.a PTM)? 

Check out our What is RTI pagethis example of a render, this wikipedia page and the CHI website.



Fully autonomous

Our controller drives the Dome and your Camera's shutter. No computer needed.


Save Time

Our Domes are fully automated and faster than you anyway.


Easily Transported

5 min dismount and remount for easy transport.


Usable on batterie + Plenty of parameters to adjust settings according to your needs.


Universal controller

Compatible with most cameras (Nikon, Canon, Sony etc..).

Extra Light

Under 200g  and designed to protect your specimen.


Achieve extreme detail even with macro lenses.

Workflow using a dome of 30cm diameter

Some of our clients 

National Museum of Natural History of Paris, France ; TU Köln, Germany ; University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada ; University of Naples “L’Orientale”, Italy ; KU Leuven, Belgium ; Oxford University Museum of Natural History, U.K.University of La Rochelle, France Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, MD, U.S.A.Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Belgium Saxony-anhalt state office for monument care and archeology, Germany University College London, U.K.Collège de France, France  Capital Normal University of Beijing, China University of Arkansas, AR, U.S.A.University of Exeter, U.K.


We build custom RTI Dome systems starting from 2000€.


Explain to us via this form bellow the approximate size of the objects that you want to modelize and your specific needs so we can create your perfect Dome.

Thank you for your message!

We will get back to you asap.

For any other inquiry, contact us at



We are RTI users and lovers. We are a team of researchers, makers, engineers and artists.

After too many colleagues and friends asked us to build them a Dome, here we are, making RTI accessible to all.

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