RTI is a wonderful imaging technique which used to be ... tedious!


Manually photographing specimen for RTI takes hours and provides unreliable results.


RTI Light Domes are the answer.

- Simple setup -

- Autonomous acquisition, driving both lights and camera -

- Strong and portable -

Built in close collaboration with researchers, we provide the best-in-class solution for archeologists, palaeontologists, collections, art restoration, art forensics and many more users.

Our first ready-to-ship Dome will be available soon, meanwhile you can contact us for custom domes

Don't know what RTI (a.k.a PTM) is? 

Check out our our What is RTI pagethis example of a render, this wikipedia page and the CHI website.


Fully autonomous

Our controller drives the Dome and your Camera's shutter. No computer needed.

Spare YOUR Time

Domes are fully automated and faster than you anyway

Easily Transported

5 min dismount and remount for easier transport. Can run on battery

Customise Settings

Fine tune any parameter at will

Compatible controller

Use with Canon, Nikon, Sony etc.

Extra Light

Under 200g to protect your specimen


Achieve extreme details even with macro lenses


Our first ready-to-ship Dome will be available soon. Leave us your contact info to be notified when it is out! 

We also create custom RTI Dome systems, use the following form if interested.



We are RTI users and lovers. We are a team of researchers, makers, engineers and artists.

After too many colleagues and friends asked us to build them a Dome, here we are, making RTI accessible to all.



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